Date: 19th/20th February 2018

Venue: Derby Suite, The Midland, Peter Street, Manchester. M60 2DS

Big data is all around us and in the radiotherapy arena there is a lot of data (images, scans, outcomes, PROMs to name but a few). The STFC community really knows how to get the most out of big data, look at CERN and the large hadron Collider, and the vast amount of data that has to be analysed before major discoveries such as the Higgs Boson can be made. Look at the astrophysics community that uses big data to probe distant galaxies, find new stars and “see” black holes.

Can we bring the STFC community, which works, on very small particles and very large suns to apply their expertise to develop innovative methods for analyzing the very large data sets that we have in radiotherapy?

This is what this proposed sandpit is all about:

  • Can we extract data biomarkers from radiotherapy data to act as early signals of the onset infiltration or reoccurrence of disease?
  • Can extract information on normal tissue toxicity study its impact on quality of life both in the short term and longer term?
  • Can we combine this information with genomics and proteomic data to select the patients who will benefit most from treatment?
  • Can we personalize treatments to improve both outcomes and quality of life?
  • Can we use the data we already have to improve the treatment of future patients?

This Sandpit aims to bring people from the STFC and clinical communities together to discuss how they might work together and develop innovative research ideas in the field of Big Data.

Pump-priming funding (typically £1500 to £15,000) is available to initiate the best projects resulting from collaborations developed during the Sandpit.

Attendance at the Sandpit is free of charge. Accommodation is provided for the night of 19th February.  Attendees are expected to pay their own travel expenses. Pump-priming funding is conditional on attending the whole of the Sandpit.

For an application form to attend the Sandpit please contact Dr Helena Kondryn
Deadline extended: 7th February 2018


Key Dates:

Wednesday 7th February 2018 Deadline for Submission of Application to attend Sandpit Event


Thursday 8th February 2018 Successful applicants notified by email


Monday 19th February 2018

(10am – 5.00pm, with evening meal at 7.30pm)

Tuesday 20th February 2018

(9am – 5pm)

Sandpit Event