What are Grand Challenge Sandpits?

Grand Challenge Sandpits aim to bring people from the STFC and clinical communities together to discuss how they might work together and develop innovative research ideas in the field of advanced radiotherapy.

Pump-priming funding (typically £1,500 to £15,000) is available to initiate the best projects resulting from collaborations developed during the Sandpit.

Attendance at the Sandpit is free of charge.  Accommodation (one night) is provided. Attendees are expected to pay their own travel expenses. Pump-priming funding is conditional on attending the whole of the Sandpit.


Sandpit 3: Extracting Meaning from Big Data in Radiotherapy

Date: 19th – 20th February 2018

Venue: The Midland, Manchester

Registration closed


Sandpit 2: Multi-Scale Monte Carlo Modelling for Radiotherapy

Date: March 2017

Registration closed


Sandpit 1Imaging, Monitoring and Verification Technology for Radiotherapy

Date: February 2017

Registration closed