Network meetings

Network meetings will be held every 6 months, in collaboration with CTRad (Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Working Group) and PPRIG (Proton Physics Research and Implementation Group). These meetings will promote the work of the Network, build a community, disseminate information and work with funders. It is envisaged that the Network meetings will be held in different parts of the country and that Network members will apply to host them.

Next meeting is to be held on 21st September at The Wellcome Collection, London.

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Mining Science Data for Medicine (MiSDaM)

The Mining Science Data for Medicine (MiSDaM) event is due to be held on April 16th 2019 (in Manchester).  The project aims to use data science to,

  • Obtain interesting medical science results with potential to apply to individual patients.
  • Create a community of data miners to support the analysis of big data associated with medical science.
  • Identify the algorithms and visualisations that are useful in this science area.

This MiSDaM project resulted from the same Sandpit Event that funded the RTML network. So we hope you can show them some support.

The project website which has registration information/project details, can be found here:

Please contact the project coordinator Prof. Steve Watts (Manchester) if you have any questions.