Cross-Disciplinary PhDs

To stimulate research and collaboration across the Network, there will be three cross-disciplinary PhDs where 50% of the funding will come from the Network (funding years 1 and 2 of the PhD plus some travel and consumables for this period). These PhDs will be expected to be truly cross-disciplinary with supervisors from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

50% of the funding needs to have been secured from outside the Network. It is responsibility of the organisation suggesting the PhD topics to demonstrate that they have matching funding.

PhD descriptions will be advertised and potential applicants asked to contact the Principle Investigator for the project. Each PhD proposal will then be asked to nominate one candidate and provide the appropriate paperwork for them including references. The potential applicants will be invited to a PhD Network Open Day and interview session at which the top candidates will be selected.


STFC Futures Early Career Awards – Travel Grants

These are travel grants aimed at early career researchers (PGR, post docs, lectures in the first 5 years of academic appointment). STFC Futures Early Career Awards (100% cost) will allow the researchers to travel to conferences that they would not normally attend, often with a colleague (from the Network) who has more expertise in this area. The Network will help those who wish to use this travel funding to find a suitably qualified person to travel with. For example: this allows biologists to attend conferences that have more of a physics theme and vice-versa.   The aim here is to break down ‘language’ barriers between disciplines and to promote multi-disciplinary thinking.

Travel grants will also be available for early career researchers looking to build international collaborations, to attend international conferences (up to 50% of cost) or who wish to talk to potential industrial sponsors (up to 50% of cost).

Exceptionally, more experienced researchers can apply for these travel grants but they will need to provide a reason why they want the Network to fund their travel.

How to Apply