Travel grants (also known as STFC Futures Early Career Awards) are now available

  • Aimed at early career researchers (PGR, postdocs, lecturers in the first 5 years of academic appointment), allowing them to travel to conferences that they would not normally attend, often with a colleague (from the Network) who has more expertise in this area. The Network will help those who wish to use this funding to find a suitably qualified person to travel with.  For example, this allows biologists to attend conferences that have more of a physics theme and vice-versa.  The aim here is to break down “language barriers” between disciplines and to promote multi-disciplinary thinking.
  • Travel grants will also be available for early career researchers looking to build international collaborations (up to 50% of cost), to attend international conferences (up to 50% of cost) or who wish to talk to potential industrial sponsors.
  • Exceptionally, more experienced researchers can apply for these travel grants but they will need to provide a reason why they want the Network to fund their travel.

How to apply: Please contact Helena Kondryn ( for an application form.


Terms of Application

  1. Awards are available to PhD students, early stage researchers (within 5 years of first research appointment) and lecturers (within 5 years of academic appointment). Restrictions exclude time for career breaks, parental leave etc.
  2. Exceptionally, more experienced researchers can apply, but will need to provide a reason why they want the Network+ to fund their travel.
  3. The meeting to be attended must be linked to the remit of STFC and the Advanced Radiotherapy Network+.
  4. Applications received within four weeks of the start of the meeting will not be considered.
  5. Award decisions will be communicated within four weeks of receipt of application.
  6. Applicants may receive only one Futures Early Career Award.
  7. Money will be paid upon receipt of a completed claims forms and accompanying documentation (as specified on the claims form).
  8. A brief report must be submitted to the Network+ within four weeks after the meeting, outlining the benefits to you from participation in the meeting.
  9. The participant should acknowledge support from STFC and the Advanced Radiotherapy Network+.



Travel Grants Awarded

Please select from the names below to preview reports on meetings from successful applicants.