The Global Challenge Network+ in Advanced Radiotherapy aims to build a new multidisciplinary community bringing together clinicians with scientists and engineers from the STFC community, to work together on advanced radiotherapy technologies working closely with CTRad and PPRIG. It seeks to develop a series of activities, mini-projects and events to promote collaboration in this field, across disciplines and institutions, to identify future Grand Challenges. It also seeks to train the next generation of researchers by providing a number of cross-disciplinary PhD opportunities across institutions to reinforce both the multidisciplinary and the partnership aspects of its remit. The Network will also provide a pathway to impact by identifying ways to translate and apply the research undertaken by its members and their impact on the identified Grand Challenges.


The Network has the following objectives:

  1. Develop a research pipeline and contribute to the development of a national strategy for research across the UK, in partnership with CTRAD and other bodies
  2. Create a wide multidisciplinary network including clinicians, scientists and engineers, from the STFC community and stakeholders from the public sector and the private sector, which will increase its membership and engagement with the community year on year
  3. Engage with stakeholders from the public and private sector and leverage additional funds to support Network activities
  4. Engage with scientists and engineers at STFC laboratories and researchers from the nuclear/particle/astronomy communities in universities
  5. Hold Town Meetings to establish the topics for the Grand Challenge Sandpits
  6. Hold three, two day Grand Challenge Sandpits and fund a series of collaborative projects
  7. Fund 50% of 3 collaborative projects
  8. Hold an Impact Sandpit with the aim of taking research out of the laboratory and into the development and up the technology readiness levels
  9. Provide travel grants for early career researchers to develop their research in this multidisciplinary field
  10. Provide a forum and focus to ensure that researchers across the UK are aware of each other’s activities, allowing them to work together rather than in isolation, thus ensuring the maximum benefit for every £1 of tax payers’ and other research money spent
  11. Provide Factsheets on different types of advanced radiotherapy aimed at policy makers and journalists
  12. Provide a booklet of Case Studies every two years